Datierung und Quantifizierung von Temperaturänderungen in West Europa während des Weichselhochglazials

Projektleiter: Prof. Ludwig Zöller

Projektstart: 01.10.2004
Projektende: 30.09.2006
Projektnummer: MOIF-CT-2004-FP6-509918
Geldgeber: Kommission der Europäische Union, Marie-Curie-Programm

Externe Partner: Dr. Olivier Moine


The racemization rate of amino acids depends on the Effective Diagenetic Temperature (EDT), time and taxonomy. The measurement of ratios of five amino acids (asparctic acid, glutamic acid, valine, phenylalanine, alanine) throughout the sequences every 10 cm will provide five racemization curves for the last glaciation. Abrupt shifts in these curves will highlight the occurrence of significant temperature increases as they generally cause increases in racemization rates. Luminescence dating is the only method presently able to provide datings in loess sediments for the whole glaciation, i.e. between -20 and -75 ka. The new datings realised will improve the chronologic framework and allow the quantification of temperature differences by combination with the amino acid racemization. By bracketing with luminescence datings strong shifts in the racemization rate of a given amino acid, we expect to quantify the temperature differences associated with millennial-scale warmer events.







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