10Be Oberflächendatierung des Leidy Creek-Schwemmfächers in Nevada (USA)

Projektleiter: PD Dr. Markus Fuchs

Projektstart: 2007
Geldgeber: Max-Kade Foundation, New York, USA

Externe Partner:

  • Prof. Lewis Owen, University of Cincinnati (USA)
  • Prof. Frankel, University of Atlanta (USA)


Alluvial fans are prominent features in the semiarid areas of the southwest USA. Big rock boulders situated on the alluvial fans indicate high runoff during periods of enhanced precipitation and might be used as paleoclimate proxies. However, the timing of the erosion – transportation and sedimentation of these boulders is not known but could be identified by 10Be surface exposure dating (SED). Therefore the alluvial fan was geomorphological mapped and the surfaces of 20 rock boulders were sampled for 10Be dating. First results show that three different periods of boulder sedimentation exist, periods where enhanced rainfall might have occurred.





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