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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of geomorphology - Professor Dr. Oliver Sass

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Geomorphology at the University of Bayreuth is part of the Bachelor's programme in Geography and the Master's programme in Environmental Geography. In addition to a broad basic education, our focus is on geomorphological processes currently occurring in the landscape - e.g. sediment transport in rivers and on slopes, weathering processes, natural hazards in alpine and extra-alpine areas. Many practical courses take place in manageable small groups. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art investigation methods at our disposal, such as laser scanning, geophysical methods and various measuring sensors, as well as a sediment laboratory and a climate laboratory for rocks. In addition to our alpine investigation areas, we have instrumented test areas in the vicinity of Bayreuth for teaching purposes. Our Department of Geosciences opens up numerous combination possibilities in the field of geoecology during the degree programme.

Information on the Bachelor's programme
Information on the Master's programme

The courses offered by the Chair of Geomorphology are part of physical geography
and are addressed to all interested persons as far as places are available (limited for excursions).

On the eLearning server of the University of Bayreuth you will find further information regarding your studies.

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