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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of geomorphology - Professor Dr. Oliver Sass

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Geomorphology is the study of the forces and processes that have shaped and are still shaping the relief of the earth. We investigate, measure and balance recent processes such as rockfall, slope movements and fluvial transport as well as the associated natural hazards. To understand landscape development, we also look into the geological past.

We use modern, quantitative investigation methods such as laser scanning, near-surface geophysics, microclimatic measurements and simulations. The most important dating methods used are luminescence and geomagnetics, which can be used to classify geomorphological processes such as flood events, landslides, volcanic eruptions or the traces of human remains.

In terms of human-environment research, we work closely with various neighbouring disciplines such as geoecologists, archaeologists, soil scientists, climate researchers and human geographers.

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